Our Products and Services:

Small & Rubin Ltd. provides three primary products and services:

1. Through SPEAKER'S CHALLENGE we provide a variety of tailored speeches and workshops to our clients, for dinner speeches, conference entertainment, keynote addresses, sales presentations, environmental themes, personal growth, diversity training, personnel motivation, and other occasions as negotiated. Bruce M. Small has decades of public speaking experience and as a pair Bruce Small and Howard Rubin also provide interviews on topics particularly relevant to the aging baby boomer generation.

2. The Envirodesic Certification Program works with builders, manufacturers and service-providers to produce healthier and more environmentally compatible buildings, products, and services, for emerging multi-billion dollar North American and world markets. We concentrate only on those new products which signify a major change in direction towards the way things should be done on a healthier and more sustainable basis in the future for the sake of humanity and the planet.

3. The principals of Small & Rubin Ltd. help manufacturers, design professionals, builders and consumers create healthier indoor environments, even for hypersensitive individuals, through careful building design, proper building material choice and attention to detail. Howard Rubin is also available for hands-on assistance, through Sustainable Solutions Building Services, in finalizing designs, specifying materials, finding appropriate general contractors, subcontractors and trades, and providing on-site supervision to ensure that your design standards are met by the building crew.

For an annotated list of projects in which the principals of Small & Rubin Ltd. have been involved, click here.